Providing Orthodontic Treatment at our Parramatta Clinic

Our clinic provides orthodontic treatment that is important to maintain the function and aesthetic of our patient’s teeth.

Our orthodontic services are provided for patients in Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Merrylands, and surround areas.

What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment focuses on straightening the teeth and correct the bite. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment can correct:

• Misaligned/Crooked teeth/crowded teeth
• Space between teeth
• Missing teeth
• Under bite
• Overbite
• Deep bite

When should I bring my kids to have a consultation about orthodontic treatment?

Generally, for kids with bite issues (overbite, under bite, deep bite etc.), the treatment will be much easier if we start early.

The early orthodontic treatment (before loss of all baby teeth) is called interceptive orthodontic treatment and it focuses on correcting poorly coordinated bites, which usually requires jaw surgery or at least teeth taken out during adolescent orthodontic treatment if left untreated at a younger age.

To be safe, the first orthodontic consultation should be before the age of eight to identify any unbalanced bite or jaw discrepancy. If the bite is satisfactory, the orthodontic treatment can start after a patient gets their full set of adult teeth, usually at age of 11-12.

What types of orthodontic treatment suits me better?

At Parramatta Dental Centre, orthodontic treatment can be done by either braces or invisalign. Both are effective treatments for orthodontic problems. This is a very popular treatment for Baulkham Hills and Merrylands residents as it offers an affordable and comfortable orthodontic solution.


By putting brackets onto each individual tooth and connecting them together with a wire, teeth will feel the force and start to move. Braces are still the most conventional and predictable way to straighten teeth and correct the bite.

Clear braces are also available with brackets made in white ceramic material.


Invisalign are a set of clear plastic aligners that move teeth gradually step by step.

With increasing popularity in the past ten years, invisalign has become a real alternative for braces for adults who wants straight teeth without noticeable orthodontic appliance.

Another advantage is that oral hygiene is easier with invisalign treatment because the clear aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing. Although invisalign is not suitable for everyone, it can be equally effective if cases are carefully selected.

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