Why do we need check-up and teeth clean?

Prevention is better than cure. It is recommended that you attend regular check-up and teeth clean visit with our gentle and caring dentists.
Check-up and clean are crucial because they prevent tooth decay and gum problem, or at least tackle them at early stage. Tooth decay and gum problem at the start usually remain undetected by the patient because they express none or mild symptoms. If neglected, they can cause bigger issue such as toothache, tooth infection, loose tooth, broken tooth or even tooth loss. Therefore, regular check-up and clean are important to help avoiding cost of root canal treatment, extraction and teeth replacement when oral diseases become complicated.


What is involved in the check-up and clean visit?

In Parramatta Dental Centre, we care your oral health needs. For new patients, we provide comprehensive examination with the help of dental x-rays to pinpoint any issue that affects your oral health:
• Oral hygiene status and gum condition
• Dental cavities
• Conditions of your existing filling, crown, implants, denture, etc.
• Teeth wear and broken teeth
• Biting patterns
Our professional dentists will also clean your teeth to remove plaque and calculus, which can cause dental decay and gum disease.
• Teeth scale and clean
• Teeth prophylaxis and polish
• Oral hygiene and dietary advice
• Concentrated fluoride treatment
At the last of the visit, the dentists will discuss following treatment options and treatment plan based on your individual needs. In Parramatta Dental Centre, we will listen to you and support any decision you make for your oral health after explaining to you the pros and cons of each treatment options.

Haven’t had check-up and clean for more than a year? Please check our special offer for people with and without private health insurance.