At Parramatta Dental Centre, our dentist is a smile designer and engineer. There are different tools in our tool box to change the shade, shape and position of the teeth, making them fit better into your beautiful smile.

Professional Cosmetic Dentist Operating in Parramatta

Our dental centre offers wide range of dental services to our patients including general dentist check-ups and children’s dentistry.

Our cosmetic dental services aim to increase the aesthetic of your teeth, especially in terms of whitening.

Our range of cosmetic dental services

We offer a range of cosmetic dental services for people in Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Merrylands, and surrounding areas. Our services include:

Teeth whitening:

There are two types of teeth whitening: in chair teeth whitening and take home whitening.  Sometimes it is recommended to combine the two types of whitening together to give you both immediate and long lasting results.

shutterstock_308947793In chair teeth whitening

We use Pola Office+ which contains 35% hydrogen peroxide and desensitiser potassium nitrate. With high concentration active bleaching gel, it ensures fast effects that only take about 30 minutes in chair to achieve a satisfactory result.

Take home whitening

We will make you customised plastic whitening trays for both your upper and lower teeth so you can whiten your teeth at home every day. It is recommended to perform take home whitening procedures after in chair whitening to consolidate the effect and make it long lasting.

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Orthodontic treatment with braces or invisalign is still the best way to correct misaligned teeth and give you optimal aesthetics. Read more about orthodontics

Porcelain crown and veneer:


We stick to non-metal policy for anterior teeth. All ceramic crown with modern technology can achieve ultimate natural aesthetics with satisfactory strength and durability at the same time.

When the tooth is relatively intact and strong to begin with, ceramic veneer is a good cosmetic option because it only involves minimal grinding of the tooth at front surface only.

Direct composite resin bonding:

Thanks to the development of new generation tooth coloured filling material, direct composite resin filling can look natural at front teeth and being strong at the same time.

Although composite resin material is less strong than ceramic material and tends to build up stain around the material throughout time, it provides a good medium term solution to those front teeth with small chips and gaps.

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